The Marketing of the Winter Olympics Seems Different…

I, like many others, tuned into Thursday night’s Sochi Olympic show on TV.  I don’t know about you, but I fully expected it to be the Opening Ceremonies, since all the lead up teasers sort of indicated this.  Instead, we saw a bespectacled Bob Costas (sadly almost side-lined by an eye inflammation), who introduced us to the Olympics with a political rant about all the drama surrounding the Games this year… security threats, Russia’s stance on homosexuals, and the killing of stray dogs.  Hmmmmm.

Cyber Monday — Success or Bust?

The new electronic world has certainly brought many changes to holiday shopping and holiday shopper behavior.  And I’m still pondering if I think these changes are good, bad or just silly.

I worked in retail, first as a teenager at Hollywood Sports Plaza in South Coast Plaza, where I sold cool sporting goods to a really loyal and fun group of regular customers.  Even the holiday season was fun back then… South Coast Plaza had a Sears and a JC Penney. And about 100 stores in between.  There was the Carousel Court, a great Santa for Christmas, and a true camaraderie amongst the various store employees.  I must have had 15 layaways accounts all over the mall, and knew almost everyone who worked in my favorite stores.  We had Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter off, and we were grateful.

To advertise or not… it’s Summer in the Coachella Valley!

When the temperatures climb in the Coachella Valley, the ad budgets seem to drop.  Is this a smart strategy, or just a reflection of exhaustion from a busy 8-month season and a dwindling budget?  Is it better to spend all your money when the Valley is bursting at the seams, or save a little to attract the over 500,000 permanent residents who stick around all summer?  And what about those brave tourists from Europe (they LOVE the heat of the desert), and our drive-in friends from the gloomy coast to our West?  Thousands of summer visitors love coming here, basking in the heat, and heading out for dinner, shopping and adventures at all hours!  How will they know you exist if you hide?

Shouldn’t the Communications Experts Actually Communicate?

It hit me today… as I was reaching out to colleagues that I worked with at a previous agency, that we were all trained by the same dynamo, who made it clear that all phone calls had to be returned quickly, all emails answered, and all meetings taken and started on time.  It is so ingrained in me to respond quickly to all communications, that I am constantly amazed that so many people are so very bad at responding.

What? We need to actually define our marketing strategies?

Well, YES, every company should, and we’re glad you asked!  This is a process we go through with all new clients here at FG Creative… and it is time well spent.  We gather all of the key players from the client’s company, and our team members and meet for a few hours to immerse ourselves in the culture, the mission, the beliefs and the needs.  Sometimes, we lock the door, order some snacks, and no one leaves until we reach a consensus… sound fun?  OH, we’ve also included a recent interview with CEO Stephanie Greene, on Money Radio 1200AM, talking about this very topic… take a listen!

Musings on Where Computers Are Today…

So today would have been my mother’s 80th birthday.  She was born during the Great Depression to a German-immigrant family in Eastern Pennsylvania, very close to the great battlefield of Gettysburg.  She used to tell me that she didn’t know they were poor… her Grandfather was a butcher so they always had food, she had 8 aunts & uncles who spoiled her, and her clothes were always store-bought.  She was a very pretty, shy child that excelled in school and was even a lifeguard and diving champ, but never the Prom Queen.

Excited to get our blog on the road

It’s time, FGC is now at your fingertips! With great updates, tips and news to help your business marketing go sky high.

Want a giggle? Google yourself!

As marketing turns more and more to the web, and strategies become more and more diverse yet interlinked, it seems even more and more important to make sure that if you are in business, then you personally need to be searchable.

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