Summer at FG Creative!

Well, well, well. Summer has arrived in the desert! We thought it would be the perfect time to catch up with everyone and see what summer plans everyone has in store. For some, summer is the perfect time to disconnect and refresh while for some, summer tends to still  be busy, busy, busy. Here is what the FG Creative team has planned for the next few months:


Summer in the Valley used to mean less work, less people and a little time to slow down and take a breath before the next Season ramped up.  Not anymore!  The Valley remains busy and vibrant all summer long, and sneaking away is a little harder.  And that’s a good thing!  One way we slow down as a company is working remotely on Fridays from June through August.  That way we can get some respite from the heat, and still keep up the pace with our clients. This is one benefit of the digital age, especially for a small boutique agency.  Emails and texts get to us, and our project management platform is online, so it’s like we are all in the same room, working away!

My other summer plans involve disconnecting a little more, with weekends at Lake Mead, floating or wake boarding with friends and cute hubby, or heading to the beaches of Baja to enjoy the Sea of Cortez.  Somehow, being around water makes everything OK.  This is especially true for me, as I’m sure that I am part mermaid, having grown up at the beach, swimming competitively through High School, and spending many summers as a lifeguard!

One cool new adventure we’ve added to our vacation calendar is a week camping in Yosemite National Park, with our horses!  We were able to secure a few spots, which typically book up within minutes each year when the reservation window opens, so in mid-August, watch for social media updates from Bridal Veil Falls, Half Dome and the High Sierras!  Can you say #cowgirlup?

Steph Horse Campingstephsfeet


Every summer for the last 35 years of my life, my entire family gets together in Ocean Grove, NJ. This has been family tradition since the 1940’s. And usually we have a group of 15-35 people each year! We spend 2 weeks on the beach, happy hour on the porch, eating out, putt-putt golf, and boardwalk festives. It’s the one time a year, every year, we get to spend relaxing time with one another and catch up with our family and friends. Even after 35 years it’s still my favorite vacation!  

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Hi everyone!
Summer is my favorite part of the year, here in the desert, for a variety of reasons.

  1. In the summer I have more time to lend my support to the homeless community here in the valley, through outreaches, fundraising, and special events. Homelessness is on the rise with the increase in housing costs, and there is a need for community awareness.

  2. I have more free time to attend City Council meetings, and add my voice to the community I live in.

  3. Weekend Vegas trips as often as I can.

  4. The Ace Hotel

  5. Music and entertainment. Summer leaves me enough free time to enjoy all the local talent here in the valley, and i love nothing more than music. Any and all kinds of music. My favorite local performers are Siobhan Velarde (PS Underground), Brian Scott (Pete's Hideaway, and Keisha D. (literally everywhere.)

And last, but never least, I get to spend time with my 4lb chihuahua, Lucy. The best dog on earth!

Talie Summer Talie Summer


Ahh summer! I am very much looking forward to catching up on relaxing by the pool, weekend trips out of town, and more relaxing! This year has been a whirlwind for me with a ton going on so I am very much looking forward to doing a whole lot of nothing. I will be visiting San Francisco where I lived the past three years, as well as Incline Village, Lake Tahoe where my family spends the summers. I will go and see all of my girlfriends in LA and trying to get ahead and get more organized in both my personal and professional life! 
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As the newest member of the FG Creative team, I'm excited to spend my summer dipping my toes back into the working-world pool. For the last 16 years, my summers have typically been spent dipping my toes into pools and beaches all over Southern California with my husband and three crazy/fun kids. Aside from my new "working girl" status, we plan to still have some fun summer family days. Top highlights will include a family Fourth of July reunion in beautiful San Diego, some sleep-away camps for my 13 and 11-year old daughters, and bracing ourselves for the possibility of our 16-year-old son becoming a newly-minted driver.😱 We're also heading to Northern California to celebrate my aunt's not-saying-the-age-but-it's-a-big-one birthday extravaganza. In between will be crazy days at various water and theme parks, and lazy nights dining with friends, grilling out, and enjoying the whole summer vibe. Cheers to Summer '18!
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