2016 Squad Goals

It’s 2016 and we’ve decided if Taylor Swift can have a squad, so can FGC! 2015 will be a hard year to top as it added so many new and wonderful clients, team members and experiences to our plate, but we’re going to try! So what is our #squadgoal for 2016? So far, the one we like best is to be as involved in our community as we can. With our crew of worker bees, most days we practically have to be forcibly removed at quitting time (Jeff is our muscle). But it’s when we get out on the streets that we connect with others, network, collaborate and support our community. And what a fantastic community we’ve lucked into!

This coming Saturday, our team is running in the Galen New Year’s Resolution 5k Color Run. You know what they say, the team that runs together…looks better in their clothes together? Something like that. That’s just one piece of the First Weekend pie the City of Palm Desert is serving up. The night prior to our run, some of us will head over to the Galen for the (aptly named) Galen First Fridays, where Gene Evaro Jr’s musical stylings will tickle our ears. Some of us will head to El Paseo for (also aptly named) El Paseo After Dark for some classic cars (El Paseo Cruise Night), art gallery hopping (Art Walk) and extended shopping hours on the street. Click here to see which First Weekend events interest you for this coming weekend: http://www.pdfirstweekend.com/

And that’s just January! Stay tuned for our next blog and what’s to come in February and our excitement for Swing N Hops!