FGC Connectivity

Picture this scenario: a client decides they want to add a new service and would like this reflected on their website. They then want their website URL posted on their social media platforms so everyone who follows them will be updated on the new service their company offers. It’s 10 o’clock on a Wednesday night, so they shoot an email over to us hoping to hear back the next day. Stephanie, watching tv/entertaining one of her three cats with her laptop open, reads the email and forwards it on to Chelsea (figuring she will be able to work on it the next day). Chelsea, finally able to get some quiet time in after putting her two kids to bed a few hours earlier, is working on a project and sees a new email come in.

She hops onto the client’s website, makes the requested changes and then forwards the email to Tricia for social media posting, telling her to get to this tomorrow when she gets to work. Tricia, winding down after an enthralling Real Housewives of New York marathon, checks her email once more before heading to bed. She grabs the link Chelsea sent her and schedules a post on the client’s social media platforms. By 11 o’clock, Tricia has sent an email to Stephanie telling her this is done and Stephanie has sent an email to the client to notify them this job is complete.

This uber-responsiveness isn’t the way it happens every time, but it happens a lot more than you realize. We subscribe to the “why wait until tomorrow if you can do it now?” school of thinking. We like to think of our portion of a task as a professional game of hot potato – get it off your plate and on to someone else’s (and back to the client) as soon as you can! Whether we are on vacation, beating the heat in our office, or working remotely from our dining room table, our goal is for the work flow to remain continuous and product seamless on the front end. We often say that our business requires us to be on the clock 24/7. When we say this, we don’t mean it in a literal way – but sometimes it is! We know that marketing doesn’t start at 9 am and stop right as the clock hits 5 pm and if we stick within the confines of those hours, our clients may have immediate needs that fall through the cracks – which we won’t let happen.

Let us know what you need from us, and we’ll be in touch. Probably sooner than you expected!