How to Keep Your Marketing Cool During the Heat of Summer

As summer comes to the Coachella Valley, and the snowbirds fly away home, many businesses take the approach that they can take a vacation from their marketing efforts. We disagree!

There are over 550,000 permanent residents in the Valley, plus the many summer visitors who are escaping the June gloom of the coast or enjoying their summer vacations traveling to exotic locals in the So Cal region, who would love to know who was open, what is being offered, and what great experiences there are to have. If you're not advertising, how will they find you?

As one of those permanent residents, I can assure any business that I will be more likely to visit you if I know you are open! With social media and all of the online and traditional media options, a business can guarantee customers and revenue if they reach out and continue to market their products and services. The key is to offer something inviting...even your cool A/C and free bottled water works!
The staff here at FG Creative is always looking for a new restaurant to try or summer specials with our favorite hangouts.  We still need oil changes, gifts for friends, and lots of things for our families. We are here... tell us what you've got!
Let's not forget the summer visitors. There are more flights and more visitors coming each summer. Hotels are set for record occupancies through August and a great way to reach them is through online digital campaigns and ad campaigns on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.
The moral of this story? Keep singing your marketing song all year long!

It's a Dog's Life

In light of his birthday today (and yes, we are celebrating with bacon peanut butter ice cream), today’s blog is about our quirkiest, most adorable, and sweetest (well, tied with Cindy) FG Creative employee. Of course, I’m talking about none other than our Community Relations Director, Fenway. On the day of his 7th birthday, here’s a little bit of what office life is like since Fenway first started his employment.

FGC Connectivity

Picture this scenario: a client decides they want to add a new service and would like this reflected on their website. They then want their website URL posted on their social media platforms so everyone who follows them will be updated on the new service their company offers. It’s 10 o’clock on a Wednesday night, so they shoot an email over to us hoping to hear back the next day. Stephanie, watching tv/entertaining one of her three cats with her laptop open, reads the email and forwards it on to Chelsea (figuring she will be able to work on it the next day). Chelsea, finally able to get some quiet time in after putting her two kids to bed a few hours earlier, is working on a project and sees a new email come in. She hops onto the client’s website, makes the requested changes and then forwards the email to Tricia for social media posting, telling her to get to this tomorrow when she gets to work. Tricia, winding down after an enthralling Real Housewives of New York marathon, checks her email once more before heading to bed. She grabs the link Chelsea sent her and schedules a post on the client’s social media platforms. By 11 o’clock, Tricia has sent an email to Stephanie telling her this is done and Stephanie has sent an email to the client to notify them this job is complete.

El Paseo Shopping District Wins Tourism Award for Outstanding Partnership


PALM DESERT (May 15, 2017) – The El Paseo Business Improvement District, a 15-year partner of FG Creative, was awarded the “Palm Award” at the Annual Oasis Awards of the Greater Palm Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) on May 9th. The Palm Award is given to a business demonstrating outstanding partnership with the CVB and dedication to the tourism industry by partnering with other businesses.



Through its partnership with FG Creative, El Paseo has become the most sought-after shopping destination in the Coachella Valley for locals and visitors alike. In partnering with the CVB on campaigns such as “Summer Chill,” FG Creative has been able to continue to drive visitor business to El Paseo year-round. By promoting El Paseo as a first-class shopping district, FG Creative and the CVB are able to market the El Paseo experience as one part of what makes the whole destination so appealing.

The unique award is a Palm Desert inspired print from Palm Springs artist SHAG, titled “Talking Shop.” The artwork can be seen on display at the Chartwell Properties office on El Paseo.

About El Paseo

El Paseo offers an upscale shopping experience and much more, boasting over 250 retailers including well-known brands and local one-of-a-kind boutiques.  Among the many celebrated retailers are boutiques for men and women, home furnishings, accessories from shoes and handbags to jewelry and collectibles.  And, to quench the desires of discerning palettes, the mile-long drive is lined with a variety of exceptionally recognized restaurants and dining destinations. Visit for additional information, and follow El Paseo on Facebook and Twitter.

About FG Creative

FG Creative is a highly-regarded, boutique marketing firm located in Palm Desert, CA, specializing in results-oriented marketing campaigns that include graphic design, publicity, leveraged media buys, highly-functioning website design and management, digital solutions and targeted social media content development. The firm has worked with El Paseo and many other high profile companies regionally since their inception in 2002.


Summertime Rolls (and New Summertime Roles at FGC)

Even though the temperatures have felt like summer for a few months, it’s now officially summer. In the Coachella Valley, that usually means reduced hours, Friday closing and a slow down in work flow. Not for us! Here at FG, it means strategy sessions and marketing plans for all of our clients as we get a jump on gearing up for “season”. It also means two friendly new faces around our office!

Dear Mama


noun  moth·er \ˈmə- th ər\

A woman who, by virtue of kindness or complete lack of sanity, devotes her life to children that are hers either through biology or an abundance of love. She shows patience and unconditional love to little people who may not always deserve or appreciate it.

Meet the Band

Lead Vocals: Stephanie “Karaoke Queen” Greene. She has too many years to count overseeing major marketing efforts for a variety of clients, from shopping malls to Native American casinos, and from consumer electronics to residential real estate. She even worked for The Donald, and never heard, “You’re Fired!” She’s our lead strategist who has a love of rock n’ roll, rescue pets and horses. She also has a passion for creativity and top notch service. Long live rock!

FG Stands for...Fantastic Gallery?

One of the many perks of having the best clients in town is that sometimes if you're lucky, they will lend pieces of their fabulous art collection to hang on your walls.

Work Hard/Play Hard


We want to take time to show our gratitude through this mini-blog…

FG Resolutions

The new year is upon us and just like everyone else, the FGCrew has New Year’s resolutions to start off 2017 on a high note:

Steph: The Boss Lady is striving for balance this year, as well as hoping to seek out and explore new lands to boldly go where she’s never been before. Steph, being the busy bee that she is, also set a goal for herself to take down the holiday décor before June. We have faith in you Steph, get those lights down!

Swing N Good Time!

In every FG employees’ initial interview, they must answer this question correctly…Do you love a good party? Yes, yes we do!

‘Tis the Season

The holiday season is upon us, and whether you’re celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Festivus, there’s a tangible excitement in the air. We here at FG are all catching the bug, and not just the cold that’s going around the Valley! The giving bug has hit us all and we are all doing what we can to try to give as much as we have received throughout the year.

2016 Squad Goals

It’s 2016 and we’ve decided if Taylor Swift can have a squad, so can FGC! 2015 will be a hard year to top as it added so many new and wonderful clients, team members and experiences to our plate, but we’re going to try! So what is our #squadgoal for 2016? So far, the one we like best is to be as involved in our community as we can. With our crew of worker bees, most days we practically have to be forcibly removed at quitting time (Jeff is our muscle). But it’s when we get out on the streets that we connect with others, network, collaborate and support our community. And what a fantastic community we’ve lucked into!

FG – Fantastically Grateful

Thanksgiving is upon us and we are all thankful for too many things to name. So here are a few of our favorite things that we are saying an extra thanks for this year:

2015: An FGC Retrospective

It’s the most wonderful time of the year at FG Creative, and while we don’t have Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, we do have Fenway the Red-haired Wonder Dog. The holidays are a time for family, food, friends, giving and kindness. It’s also a great time to reflect on the year behind us. At FG Creative, we like to reflect on what we did well, what we did really well, and how we can improve for next year (and we make it a point to improve each year).

‘Tis the Season to be Busy!

As we head into November, we are left feeling like the prettiest girls (and boy) at the ball; our dance cards are completely full. Coming off back-to-back team 5k runs, two weekends of music festivals, several client grand openings and then Halloween, we barely have time to take a breath before diving into the madness that is “season”.

Fancy Footwork for FGC Fashionistas

At FG Creative, there’s an undeniable fact: we love shoes (we also love alliteration, as you can see in our blog title). How could we not, with our very own modern-day Imelda Marcos at our helm? Even more than shoes, we love our clients. So what happens when shoes and clients merge? Work that feels more like fun than work! Of course, we are talking about the Killer Heels exhibition at Palm Springs Art Museum. If you haven’t gone to see it yet – go now! It’s open until December 13, but believe us when we say you will want to go several times. These are no regular high-heels – as the name implies, these are some killer heels. They are even more impressive in person than in the stunning photos you see in the many articles covering them. From the fiery Prada wedge sandal to the thigh-high Louboutin boot and everything in between, each pair tells a story – whether it be one of fashion, functionality, or fantasy.

My Experience as an FG Creative Intern

I didn’t know what to expect walking through the double glass doors of FG Creative for the first time (though, I was 10 minutes early and, consequently, the doors were locked). I didn’t know whether this would be an internship where I could explore the different aspects of a marketing company and gain useful knowledge on promoting companies through social media, or if I was going to be the “office helper” who filed paperwork and ran coffee errands (duties that are familiar to many interns). However, I was pleasantly surprised.

My Apple Watch and Me — A Match Made in Tech Heaven?

Today, I forgot to put on my Apple Watch. I am naked and alone without its comfortable, slightly warm presence on my wrist.  Will I remember to stand up every hour to make it happy? How will I get funny drawings and seriously amazing heartbeats from my hubby? How will I know I received emails and texts without that ever-so-tentative yet rewarding buzz on my wrist?

FGC “Runs” Palm Desert

At FG Creative, we are pros at marketing events for our clients – as well as
participating in them! We love joining in on the fun while “working on our fitness” (as Fergie says). Last year, we walked/ran the Y Be Fit Palm Desert Challenge, Paint El Paseo Pink, and the Galen 5k. We aren’t professional runners, but we ARE professional socialites and love these community events and all the local businesses and friends we see and chat up after we are done getting a 5k worth of exercise in.

Harnessing the Power of Reviewing

Recently, I traveled to the lovely state of Vermont with a friend to experience horseback riding in the mountains and meadows of the greenest state I’ve ever seen. What fun, and what a great experience.  But that’s not the point of this blog. Rather, what also stood out was how attentive several businesses were when I decided to use social media to test if businesses were responding or not, to their customers and to online reviews.

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